Quick Status Update and..?

Hi, guys. Floating Sunfish here with some sad news.

First off, I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates these last few months.
Real life’s been very hectic lately, to put it mildly.

As much as I’d love to work on Mitsudomoe and Kodomo Gakkyuu all the time (the latter I’ve only started working on a couple weeks ago along with translation help from MuffinCat from m.3.3.w Fansubs and my longtime translation partner Oshima Azusa), I’m afraid I won’t be able to scanlate as often as I used to for a long while.

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, the pace of releases has sadly slowed down to even more of a crawl in recent months. You must all be tired of hearing this by now, but it’s once again because of real-life issues.

I recently had to leave a freelancing gig I’ve been doing for years and am now currently applying for a more stable programming job at another company, so I won’t be able to scanlate for a few weeks until things get settled and I get back on my feet. Until then, it will probably be a while until we can make our next release.

Naturally, I take full responsibility for all the delays as all volunteers have already graciously provided all the necessary work on their ends. All that’s needed is to bring it all together while making improvements and fixing any mistakes I find in addition to new work on my end such as typesetting, redrawing, and additional cleaning.

I want to thank each and every one of you who have supported all of us throughout the years, especially all the volunteers who have selflessly given us their time and effort to help bring Mitsudomoe and Kodomo Gakkyuu to more people. Your continued patience and support help keep us going, and words can’t fully express how much they mean to us.

The most I can say at this point is that this is not the end for Mitsudomoe and Kodomo Gakkyuu. We will continue working on these awesome series because we personally love them and believe more people should be able to enjoy them. I just need a bit more time to get my life back in order before things can go back to how they were. Hopefully, with more time available for scanlation.

Again, my sincerest apologies to all Mitsudomoe and Kodomo Gakkyuu fans who’ve been patiently waiting for the next chapters up to this point. Rest assured that we will continue working on these wonderful series for as long as we’re able, whether we have real-life issues or not.

Floating Sunfi-

kodomo gakkyuu preview

I’ll get back to scanlating as soon as I get a new job and get back on my feet. I promise.

Floating Sunfish, out!


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