A lot of people have been asking me where to find RAWs for Mitsudomoe Volumes, so I’m placing the links here. Enjoy! ūüėČ

  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 01 [RAW] (MEGA)
  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 02 [RAW] (MEGA)
  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 03 [RAW] (MEGA)
  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 04 [RAW] (MEGA)
  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 05 [RAW] (MEGA)
  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 06 [RAW] (MEGA)
  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 07 [RAW] (MEGA)
  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 08 [RAW] (MEGA)
  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 09 [RAW] (MEGA) [New Colored Pages!]
  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 10 [RAW] (MEGA) [New Colored Pages!]
  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 11 [RAW] (MEGA) [New Colored Pages!]
  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 12 [RAW] (MEGA) [New Colored Pages!]
  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 13 [RAW] (MEGA) [New Colored Pages!]
  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 14 [RAW] (MEGA) [New Colored Pages!]
  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 15 [RAW] (MEGA) [New Colored Pages!]
  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 16 [RAW] (MEGA) [New Colored Pages!]
  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 17 [RAW] (MEGA) [New Colored Pages!]
  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 18 [RAW] (MEGA) [New Colored Pages!]
  • Mitsudomoe Vol. 19 [RAW] (MEGA) [No Watermark!]

Almost-Weekly Mitsudomoe RAWs

We finally have it! The complete Almost-Weekly Mitsudomoe pages are now ready for your reading pleasure!

Special thanks to VP for providing the pages!

Kodomo Gakkyuu RAWs

After many years of searching, I am pleased to announce that we are finally no longer looking for Kodomo Gakkyuu RAWs! ūüėÜ

Special thanks to Anonymous for providing Volumes 2-4!
The whole Mitsudomoe community owes you one! ūüėČ

Here’s hoping we also get to work on this awesome series someday! ūüėĄ

  • Kodomo Gakkyuu Vol. 01 [RAW] (MEGA)
  • Kodomo Gakkyuu Vol. 02 [RAW] (MEGA)
  • Kodomo Gakkyuu Vol. 03 [RAW] (MEGA)
  • Kodomo Gakkyuu Vol. 04 [RAW] (MEGA)

Mitsudomoe Magazine Scan RAWs


The following is based on Hyoenmadan’s¬†(my awesome provider¬†of¬†Mitsudomoe RAW chapters)¬†very own words. Please be sure to respect¬†his wishes before¬†proceeding to download these RAWs. ūüôā

About¬†these RAWs — they are not mine or anybody else’s — they belong to the original Japanese ShareP2P¬†uploaders who risk being fined and/or jailed to bring you these high-quality issues¬†month by month, giving us all¬†the opportunity to follow this great show.

My real purpose of downloading and sharing them with you and others who want to read or make more File Mirrors is to help spread them outside the ShareP2P network where they are originally uploaded. As you know, Japanese users can’t share in standard Web Host Servers because of strict Japanese copyright rules, and occidental people can’t download them easily from ShareP2P because of strict program requirements (45 Kbytes upload, Public IP (dynamic/static), and an open UDP/TCP ports), so my task for Mitsudomoe is to work as a bridge between ShareP2P and the World.

I sincerely request anyone who downloads these RAWs to follow these simple Golden Rules:

  • You are free to share and/or create mirrors of these RAWs¬†as long as you don’t¬†claim ownership of the files¬†(credit for the RAWs belong to the original Japanese uploader).
  • You cannot¬†ask¬†for payment to download/share these RAWs¬†since you got them for free.¬†All RAW releases are¬†always public and all downloaders are subject to the same rule.

If you promise to follow these simple rules, then you can proceed to download¬†the RAWs for Volume 14 and onwards below. Enjoy! ūüėČ

/a/nonymous Magazine Scans

Volume 14

Volume 15

Volume 16

Volume 17

Volume 18

Volume 19


4 thoughts on “RAWS

    • floatingsunfish says:

      I believe the only things missing from the RAW chapters here are the Cover art, bonus Color Chapter and Post Scripts. I suppose RAWs for Volume 14 and 15 won’t be needed as much, but it’ll still be pretty nice to have just so we can see the extra stuff that weren’t included in the Magazine issues. ūüôā


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