Quick Update: Current Direction

matsuoka is typing

Hi guys, Floating Sunfish here with a quick update on our current direction.

With MangaDex currently being down for the time being, and with all upcoming chapters being the usual short length, I think now would be a good time to make another batch release. It’s been so long since anybody ever got to read multiple chapters in succession, so I think it would be a nice treat after the long delays we’ve been having.

UPDATE: We’ll wait a whole week after MangaDex becomes stable before we release anything so we don’t get swallowed by the sea of pent-up releases.

The next scanlation tutorial post has also been ready for a while now — I just haven’t had the time to publish it because I still need to manually reformat it for the site. It should also follow our upcoming batch release, so please look forward to it!

I also just finished clearing out my schedule so I’ll have more time to work on Mitsudomoe, which sadly took quite a hit due to work and other real-life commitments.

That’s all for now, and many thanks as always for all the patience and support! 😊

Floating Sunfish, out!