Man! It has been a while! Seriously… It’s been like, 4 months already, and I am terribly sorry, you guys! You all know how it is though, so I won’t say any more. 😛

We have truly reached a milestone today, as we have finally finished Almost-Weekly Mitsudomoe. Such a feat would never have been possible without the help of two awesome individuals — VP and Oshima Azusa — so thank you guys! You guys rock! XD.

I’ve pretty much said what I wanted to say about them in the Credit Page, but I’d just like to stress how grateful I am to them for their great contribution to the English-speaking Mitsudomoe fan community. We never would have done it without them. 🙂

As a side note, I recently noticed some coincidences I had while translating this series:

  • I was turning 23 when I started translating Mitsudomoe, the same age as Yabecchi.
  • In contrast to the fan-made finale, SunfishScans re-started Mitsudomoe in April, as opposed to ending on it.
  • Translation of the main series paused at Vol. 08 Ch. 137, the last chapter that Almost-Weekly Mitsudomoe references. This perfect coincidence was completely unintentional as I have never read said spin-off before.

Welp, that’s all I noticed, anyway. Enjoy the new chapter, you guys!

See you again in a couple of weeks (hopefully)! 😉

Today’s Mitsudomoe Video:

Almost-Weekly Mitsudomoe Pages 84-100 have been released! Get it below!

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Alright, time to work on the next one!

Floating Sunfish out!