Miscellaneous C# Apps

Here’s a page where I’ll be keeping miscellaneous C# Apps I’ve written for personal use these last few months.

Hunspell Hyphenation Tool

First up is what I feel to be a must-have for anybody doing English translation work: a decent offline Hyphenation Tool.

I used to head on over to to get my English words properly hyphenated (fitting those things into panels meant for Vertical text is not easy, lemme tell you… Plus, I’m quite OC with my grammar, even with hyphenations), but after losing my internet connection for the umpteenth time (and searching on Google for an offline alternative, but to no avail), I got fed up and decided to write my own Hyphenation program for times when my service provider fails me yet again, or I’m at a place without any Internet connection. It’s based on the Hunspell spell checker (the one Libre Office uses, if you’re familiar with it).

You can get it here:

You just type in the word and hit Enter or click on the Big Button:

Such a profound word...

Such a profound word…

Battery Alarm 40-80% Version 3.0

Next up is a handy little app I wrote on Valentine’s Day for those working on a laptop like myself (man, being single sure is fun). It has since been updated recently to Version 3 which lets you use your own custom Alarm sounds as well as disable them. Please note that it only accepts WAV files at the moment, and also to keep the duration of your sounds to just a few seconds, as there is currently no way to stop playing long songs.

You can get it (including the source code) over at Codeplex.


It helps keep your laptop’s lithium ion battery healthy by alerting you when it’s 80% while charging, or 40% while on batteries (you can adjust these numbers as you see fit, but 40 and 80 are considered the best ones). Also, it will notify you when your laptop is at 100% so it doesn’t get overcharged — and since the alarm won’t stop ringing every ten seconds, there’s a Shut Up feature that you can tick so it’ll stop making so much noise until you find a charger handy.

Alright, that’s all from me for now. Time to work on the next chapter!

Floating Sunfish out!


5 thoughts on “Apps

      • lg says:


        can you find a way to disable the Microsoft ACPI-compliant control at the high % ( what the user set i have it to 85 % ) and enable it again at low %.
        this wy when the charger is pluged in the charging will stop if i am not mistaken.
        you have no longer a software audio alert but also a hardware charge controller.


        • floatingsunfish says:

          Hi LG, I think this link is talking about the same issue. It seems to have something to do with a Laptop’s Drivers.

          The generally-accepted answer seems to be:

          Method 1:
          To enable or disable searching Windows Update driver manually on a single computer
          1. Click Start, right-click Computer, and then click Properties.
          2. In the Tasks list, click Advanced System Settings.
          3. On the System Properties dialog box, click the Hardware tab, and then click Windows Update Driver Settings.
          4. Select Never check for drivers when I connect a device.
          5. Click OK twice, and then close the System dialog box.

          Method 2: Install the latest chipset drivers for the laptop and check.


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