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Mitsudomoe Anime

For anyone who hasn’t seen the anime yet, here are links to where you can get them from (NOTE: Please keep seeding so more people can discover Mitsudomoe!):

Note: I apologize for only being able to upload on MEGA for the following since some of these files are huge and only has so much space available for free accounts — so sorry for those who don’t like using MEGA. I recommend using Google Chrome for this since Firefox tends to have problems with it.

Mitsudomoe Drama CDs

These are practically unreleased Mitsudomoe episodes in pure-audio form; most likely episodes that were still in production when their budget was cut due to poor sales in Japan. Man, I wish there could’ve been more episodes of this great show. (Sigh…)

Anyway, translation credits for the Drama CDs go to all the awesome members of m.3.3.w Fansubs — I’m just re-uploading them here because they were pretty tough to find and most links to the files are dead. And special thanks as well to Hyoenmadan for sharing his awesome files with me — and now I’m sharing them with you! Enjoy! 🙂


Translated (m.3.3.w Collab) (Ongoing):

Untranslated (New Tracks!):

Mitsudomoe Goodies

Some Mitsudomoe goodies that I was fortunate enough to find and got shared with me over the years.

Translated Mitsudomoe Songs

I’ve taken the liberty of translating and adding subtitles to all 32 character and theme songs from this awesome series over the course of roughly four months — you can watch them all on YouTube here. Happy watching! 😉

Mitsudomoe Audio CDs

Have fun listening to these awesome Mitsudomoe tracks! 😛 I have to warn you though, some of these might rock-on a bit too hard for some of you, so tread with caution! 🙂

Note: Some antivirus software like Avast! Free Antivirus may pick up Bank of Animoesic.URL as a potential threat. It’s actually a False Positive — just your standard URL file that leads to the site where I got most of these Audio CDs from. — but feel free to delete it if you feel uncomfortable having it on your computer. Anyway, enjoy! 😀

Audio CDs


4 thoughts on “Official Media

  1. gerry says:

    Thank’you very much for the big share!
    it’s really good to have all mitsudomoe-related stuff on a single site; this is really becoming the “official non-official” english mitsudomoe harbor 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • floatingsunfish says:

      I’m glad you think so! It wasn’t my original intention when I started the site, but now I really want to make this the Unofficial English-Speaking Home of Mitsudomoe on the internet where fans can gather and enjoy this awesome series.

      Many thanks for the continued support! It really feels nice to have fellow fans of this series share their thoughts down here in the comments section. 🙂


  2. Sic says:

    I have to wonder what is on the bonus cds for the first series. I would understand the 2nd series having drama cds based on un-animated episodes but I can’t even think what would be on the first series ones. Anyone have any idea?

    Liked by 1 person

    • floatingsunfish says:

      As far as I know, the bonus CDs only consisted of OST, Drama and Web-Radio tracks. I’ve looked all over the net for info on the “missing” CDs listed above, but all I got from it is that it’s the Season episodes themselves — that’s just a guess, though, so I could be wrong.😛

      Hope somebody sheds some light on this topic. And some links, too. Eheh…😉


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