Heads-up: Almost-Weekly Mitsudomoe Release Flow for 2016

Hi guys, just wanted to give you all quick rundown of what’s gonna happen these last few days of the year. 😛

I plan to clean up the images for the remaining 4 releases of Almost-Weekly Mitsudomoe in one batch, which means that Release 1 of 4 will be slightly delayed, but Releases 2 to 4 will come out at a much faster rate; since all that would remain will be the translation and image editing.

I’m only gonna be doing this for Almost-Weekly (translation for the main series will still be “as they come” instead of batches) because I want to wrap things up as fast as I can so translation of the main series can hopefully resume first thing in 2017.

My apologies to those looking forward to Mitsudomoe releases this season — cleaning up Almost-Weekly chapters takes considerably more time than the manga chapters due to the images having a lot more “dirt” and unerased pencil sketches on them than usual; I presume Norio-sensei was rushed to finish Almost-Weekly because of how (forgive me for saying this) “unpolished” most of the pages look. :/

Anyway, Happy Holidays, everybody! I’ll try to finish things up quickly on my end so we can all enjoy more Mitsudomoe next year. 😉

Floating Sunfish out!



Hi, guys! Floating Sunfish here again to bring you the latest batch of Almost-Weekly Mitsudomoe! 😀

Man, I am SO looking forward to Christmas Vacation right now… 🙂

Oh, and my schedule’s FINALLY freed up again, so you guys can expect more frequent updates in the future — for real this time! 😉

Only 4 more releases to go before I get back to the main series!

Today’s Mitsudomoe Video:

Almost-Weekly Mitsudomoe Pages 28-41 have been released! Get it below!

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Alright, time to work on the next one!

Floating Sunfish out!