Miscellaneous Mitsudomoe-related links. If you have any suggestions, just drop them below! I’m open to anything that has to do with this awesome series, be it Image Boards, Wikis and the like!

  • SunfishScans Official Youtube Channel — here I’ll be posting various Mitsudomoe-related stuff (particularly the Audio CD Song translations) among other things. I look forward to all your support! 😉
  • CodingSunfish — my personal coding blog! Take a look at some games I’m making!
  • Mitsudomoe Reddit Page — a personally-created Subreddit dedicated to this awesome show. Subscribe now! 😀
  • Mitsudomoe TvTropes Page — filled with various tropes found throughout the show. Try not to click around too much. 😉
  • Mitsudomoe Wiki — an extensive wiki for this awesome series. Written by people who understand Japanese and have read untranslated chapters of the manga, it’s filled with lots of info on the manga and anime, including a few pieces of fanart and relationship pairing theories. Even has some English translations of some of the songs!
  • Norio Sakurai’s Twitter Account (Japanese) — the author of this awesome series has her very own Twitter account! I’ve never used Twitter myself, but this has a lot of Mitsudomoe-related art sketches and drawings, as well as panels from the manga. It also has pictures and videos of the author’s cat, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • Norio Sakurai’s Old Website (Japanese) — Norio-sensei’s old official website. Has an Art Gallery with some black and white drawings of Mitsudomoe and Kodomo Gakkyuu.
  • Norio Sakurai’s Old Blog (Japanese) — Norio-sensei’s old blog that rarely gets updated, because most of her updates go on her Twitter account. Has quite a few drawings and color images as well as some Mitsudomoe figurine pictures.
  • (Japanese) — A goldmine of info about Mitsudomoe and Hobo Shuukan Mitsudomoe. Has RAW Japanese text of some lines in the manga, including the handwritten ones like the Yonkomas and Postscripts! I’ll be frequenting this site in the future as I translate this awesome series.

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