New Mitsudomoe Drama CD Track #1 & Mitsudomoe Goodies!

Hi, guys! 😊
Floating Sunfish here with the first new Mitsudomoe Drama CD track courtesy of our friends at m.3.3.w!

My, it’s all come full circle! πŸ˜„
m.3.3.w was the group that originally brought us the first 12 Mitsudomoe Drama CD tracks from many years ago, and now we’re working very closely with them to bring you the remaining 12 tracks that I’m sure you’ve all been itching to listen to!

New Mitsudomoe Drama CD Track #1:

You can watch the hardsubbed version on YouTube here:

You can download the softsubbed version (with better subtitle colors) here:

You can watch all our Mitsudomoe Drama CD releases on YouTube here:

Mitsudomoe Goodies:

And that’s not all! πŸ˜€

I was also fortunate enough to recover the files from a dead torrent on to bring you one of the few remaining Mitsudomoe CDs we’ve been missing, “Densetsu no Hajimari (The Beginning of a Legend)!”

While this contains six of the Mitsudomoe Drama CD tracks that m.3.3.w has already translated, I’m just glad that we can finally add it to our collection as it’s an important part of Mitsudomoe history (and also has page scans that are very difficult to find).

You can download it here:

I’m also sharing the BD (Blu-ray Disc) extras from Moozzi2’s Mitsudomoe releases.

You can download them here:

And last but not least, I’m also sharing the anime reference sheets (courtesy of the wonderful Chouaib Raziq) as well as some storyboards and Z-sheets I found that have been lost to time.

You can download them here:

If you have scans of the Mitsudomoe storyboards and other pieces of Mitsudomoe history, please don’t hesitate to share so we can help preserve them for future fans! 😊

Welp, that’s all I wanted to say for now. πŸ™‚

See you guys in the next release!
Here’s hoping it doesn’t take me so long next time! πŸ˜…

Floating Sunfish, out!


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