A Warm Welcome to Two New Members!

For those who missed it, we just released Mitsudomoe Ch. 203 here: Link

My, it’s certainly been a while since I’ve made a post like this! 😊

As is tradition with all volunteers who’ve helped us with a significant portion of Mitsudomoe, I’m excited to announce that it is once again time to welcome not one, but two new members to the Sunfish Scans team! Let me introduce them!



He was gone for a while, but now he’s back in action, baby!

Our first new member is Denton who messaged me on January of last year and offered to help clean Volume 14. He managed to complete 13 of 19 chapters before I lost communication with him, and unfortunately, I still haven’t heard from him to this day.

The last message I received from him was on April of 2020, so I hope he’s still doing alright.

Wherever you are, Denton, the Mitsudomoe fanbase thanks you!

UPDATE: I just got a message from Denton yesterday (Feb. 23, 2021). Turns out his computer broke at the start of lockdown and he’s been trying to find a place that could fix it through delivery. He didn’t have his login info at the time which explains his long silence, but at least we know he’s still doing okay. 😊

Faris Marchovsky

Faris Marchovsky

Certainly a hero we all needed right now.

Our second new member is Faris Marchovsky who messaged me on December of last year (weird how both emailed me near the start and end of last year, eh?) and offered anything they could to help work on Mitsudomoe.

After I assigned them on Cleaning and Redrawing, they’ve already finished three whole volumes and are currently working on a fourth, while also filling in the gaps left by previous volunteers.

Their enthusiasm, speed, and work quality have been superb, and I’m very glad to have met them in these trying times.

Closing Words

To the both of you, I can’t think of a way to repay your kindness and dedication with helping us work on this awesome series other than to say thank you and to personally invite you as official members of our team.

The Mitsudomoe fanbase owes you guys a lot. 😌

I hope you guys stick with us to see that final chapter someday! 😊

And once again, welcome to the team. 🙂


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