Mitsudomoe Vol. 7 Ch. 129 Released!

Dangit, Norio-sensei! You had me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside! 😛

Mitsudomoe Vol. 7 Ch. 129 has been released! Get it below!

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Alright, time to work on the next one!

Floating Sunfish out!


2 thoughts on “Mitsudomoe Vol. 7 Ch. 129 Released!

  1. raijinka35 says:

    “Muguu”… A sort of wordplay with Hitoha’s characteristic sfx “Mufuu!” sound, and a nice fit as the title of this chapter.

    Hahaha, Lolz at the “Streptococcus Mutants” way to call these little nasty germs.

    Isn’t the first time that Hitoha’s curses backfire on her. Really… this happens often. One of the nice ones was the “moving boob” prank.
    Micchan, sometimes you can be a terrible person… Well, don’t worry, we love you as you are :-).

    Hitoha’s scary face, scarier like always.

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