Sunfish Scans 5th Anniversary and Special Announcement!

group shot 1

The gang’s all here!

Sunfish Scans turns 5 years old today! Woo-hoo!! 🥳

Man, it’s been so long since I started this little blog that aimed to finish scanlating Mitsudomoe. 😊

We want to thank each and every one of you who’ve been patient with us and gave us tons of encouragement and support over the years.

I’ve also met a lot of wonderful people while working on this awesome series, some even going above and beyond by actually joining me in the scanlation trenches.

Today’s post focuses on another such individual.

Everyone, I’d like you all to welcome our newest member, Daniel!

Daniel actually volunteered to clean and redraw the entirety of Volume 10 way back on July of 2019 and finished doing it in just four months.

To this day I’m still in awe at the quality, quantity, and speed of his work. You’re truly an inspiration to us scanlators everywhere!

And as with everyone who contributed a significant amount to helping scanlate Mitsudomoe, I granted him an honorary membership to our little group right there on the spot.

I really couldn’t wait to tell you guys, but at the time I thought it would be best to wait for our very first Volume 10 release so you guys could see his work for yourselves — Daniel graciously accepting to wait a potentially long time before being publicly credited for his work.

I never expected Volume 9 to take this long (real life is just full of surprises, isn’t it?), and with Volume 10 still a long way to go, coinciding it with our 5th Anniversary felt like the perfect time to make such an announcement.

Daniel, I have no words to say other than “Thank you, and welcome to the team!” 😉


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