MITSUDOMOE VOL. 9 CH. 162 RELEASED (and 14th Anniversary, too)!

Mitsudomoe turns 14 today! Whoo-hoo!! 😆

..Ahaha, sorry about that. 😳

To celebrate, here’s that long-overdue chapter you guys have been waiting for!

We hope you have as much fun reading it as we did scanlating it! 😊

Oh, and be sure to check out today’s Mitsudomoe video if you wanna see the Japanese voice actors have fun with the Japanese fanbase in the hour-long event, Mitsudomofest! There are no subtitles though! 😅

Enjoy! 😉

Today’s Mitsudomoe Video:

Mitsudomoe Vol. 9 Ch. 162 has been released! Get it below!

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See you guys in the next post! 😃

Floating Sunfish, out!

7 thoughts on “MITSUDOMOE VOL. 9 CH. 162 RELEASED (and 14th Anniversary, too)!

  1. Floating Sunfish says:

    From what I’ve read on some of the VA’s blogs online, Mitsudomofest seems to be a farewell event for the series after Season 2 “ended.”
    It was really fun, but knowing this made the end even more bittersweet in my opinion.
    We’ll always have the memories… :’)

    Hitoha’s VA made a post way back about Mitsudomoefest here (fan-translated):

    Yoshioka’s VA also made one here (also fan-translated):

    They’re short but surprisingly touching. :’)

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  2. OshimaAzusa says:

    Sugisaki doesn’t know about Setsubun, but she knows about Halloween which doesn’t have much presence in Japan. Rich people really are more international. Funny to think of a scenario where Halloween is fancy and exotic.

    Liked by 1 person

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