Mitsudomoe Fail-safe Announcement

Hi, guys. Floating Sunfish here with a very important message.

I have recently come to terms with my own mortality, and the fact that I seem to be the only one currently spearheading work on scanlating Mitsudomoe has come to my attention.

I live in a depressingly dangerous country right now where every moment spent outside has a constant element of danger to it. There’s also the fact that I don’t know what’s going to happen to me even 1 second from now, so there’s literally no telling how things will go for me going forward.

What I’m saying is, in case I suddenly disappear from the internet for a very long time, say about 3-6 months or so with no status updates or replies from my email, then know that Mitsudomoe is now in your hands.

And no, I am not terminally ill, nor have I angered some mega-powerful organization that can erase all traces of me at any time — everything is perfectly normal. It’s just that no one can predict how long that’s going to last for anybody, and I don’t want this series to be abandoned just because something happened to me. It’s too precious for that.

I make it a habit to check the site and my inbox every single day, so if anybody ever wishes to check on me, I’m always available for a friendly chat at I’ve never missed a single email in the 4 and a half years that I’ve been working on this awesome series, and I don’t plan to start now. 😉

But in case I do suddenly disappear, please don’t wait for another Floating Sunfish to come by. I would like to ask each and every one of you to step in and be better than I ever was, and to finish this awesome series with all the love and care that I’ve shown it over the years with everyone’s help.

That would make me very happy. 😌

Alright, that’s enough getting sappy for one day! Time to work on that next chapter!

Floating Sunfish, out! 😉


6 thoughts on “Mitsudomoe Fail-safe Announcement

    • Floating Sunfish says:

      I’m in the Philippines, which has been a pretty decent country to live in until very recently.

      I just wanted to make sure this series doesn’t get forgotten just because the one obsessive guy who refused to let it die suddenly went missing.

      Many thanks to everyone for all the kind words, patience, and support over the years. You guys make working on this awesome series all the more worthwhile. 😉

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      • jorgelotr says:

        Didn’t notice thing were so bad there, perhaps because of that natorious guy inside a white house that somehow has managed to hijack the news’ coverage. He managed to displace the guys that were under the spotlight before, like that guy who’s chief of state because a little bird told him so or that guy from half of a country whose grandfather basically created the world (or so they say in his country with an 8-site internet).

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  1. Mxxs says:

    Hello!!, I was just passing by, since I read the latest tled chapter today… Now hear me out, bro, from down here in Argentina. I know EXACTLY how you felt when saying that, but always remember something: you’re not nearly the only Floating Sunfish around, your role in this wacky world is already covered in case you weren’t able to deliver, of course someone will step up and carry on (we just hope that’s never needed)… Now, I won’t be cheesy or idiotic by saying that you should just think about yourself or that you are the most important thing there is,… because you’re not. What’s important is how much you love this series, how great of a job you can do on it, and all the things we can do to preserve and spread a work of art. That’s something bigger than any of us. Basically: the important things are the things you do because you WANT to and because you CHOOSE to, so you shouldn’t go through this with responsibility but MOTIVATION…

    Yeah, that’s all the cheesiness I got saved up for you my friend, carry on… And thanks for all the fish.

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  2. hitogoroshichan says:

    Damn, hope you’re okay man, this series has been one I’ve loved for over a third of my life and would happily help in any way I could to finish it if worst came to the worst but I don’t believe my barely better than Google translating and “it’s good enough for me” approach to typesetting would be capable of doing this series justice after the outstanding work you’ve done and I know that trying to match that quality would be too much work and kill my enthusiasm for scanlating :/ Still, I’m sure I can’t be the only scanlator out the who would be willing to pick this up so no matter what happens I’m sure Mitsudomoe will be fully translated one day.

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