Apologies for the huge delay on this one… I got sick for a few weeks and then some real-life stuff came up. 😔

Thankfully, things seem to have died down a bit so I can hopefully focus more on working with everyone to bring you guys more Mitsudomoe. 😊

Today’s Mitsudomoe Video:

Mitsudomoe Vol. 9 Ch. 156 has been released! Get it below!

Use your WordPress/Gravatar to help other people find this awesome series by hitting that Like button! 😉

See you guys on the next post! 😀

Floating Sunfish, out!


2 thoughts on “MITSUDOMOE VOL. 9 CH. 156 RELEASED!

    • Floating Sunfish says:

      Hey, good to see you again! Haven’t heard from you in a while! 😃
      It’s always good to see familiar faces pop up from time to time.😊
      Hope you’re doing well! And here’s to more Mitsudomoe in the future!😉


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