Mitsudomoe Vol. 9 CH. 155 Released!

I’m back, baby!! 😎

After weeks and weeks of not accomplishing anything, I decided to finally come out of hiatus and focus on finishing all remaining Volume 9 chapters for all to enjoy.

I plan to resume hiatus and continue working on those scanlation tutorials as soon as we finish Volume 9, so please look forward to it! 😉

Today’s Mitsudomoe Video:

Mitsudomoe Vol. 9 Ch. 155 has been released! Get it below!

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See you guys on the next post! 😀

Floating Sunfish, out!


4 thoughts on “Mitsudomoe Vol. 9 CH. 155 Released!

  1. Floating Sunfish says:

    Man, I really went out of hiatus guns a-blazin’ on this one… I think I might’ve gone overboard. 😅

    Rest assured though that all will be discussed once we get to the translation section of our scanlation tutorials, especially why and how I chose to translate this chapter the way I did.

    As always, enjoy! 😉


    • Floating Sunfish says:

      Oh, my! The thought never even crossed my mind!

      I guess I just took the whole chapter for what it was during translation and never thought of what other things could go wrong. 😅

      Definitely could’ve happened though, and I’m so glad it didn’t. 🙂

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