Please Help Support Net Neutrality!

Wow, I’m actually posting something non-Mitsudomoe-related for a change.

Anyway, if you guys haven’t heard about it already, there’s this big deal going on right now about something that might change the way we use the internet forever. I’m talking about Net Neutrality.

To save you some time, the ongoing movement to stop Net Neutrality is basically going to let ISPs and Cable Companies favor clients that pay them with faster internet speeds than those that don’t, as well as being able to block and throttle any website at their discretion.

What this means is that ISPs will basically have complete control over what we see and do online — the very thing that Net Neutrality aims to protect us from.

Imagine not being able to read your favorite manga anymore, your favorite Youtuber having to stop making videos, or having freedom of speech online taken away from you. The internet would be reduced to nothing more than a platform for ISPs to make money off of us, which is not what the Internet was made for.

John Oliver sums it up pretty nicely:

Please, I am begging you, fellow denizens of the internet. Let your voice be heard. Let’s stop ISPs from screwing us over any more than what they’re doing now.

Go to (yes, that is a helpful site redirect as the actual process to comment on FCC is quite long and confusing), click on “Express”, drop a comment on how much you support Net Neutrality, and help keep the internet fair and free!

You can read more about Net Neutrality on this site here.

Personally, I want to keep scanlating free for you guys, but if Net Neutrality disappears, then SunfishScans might disappear along with it. 😦

Here’s hoping we actually get our voices heard out there. 😉

Floating Sunfish out!


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