Update: Remaining Translation Work and Impending Hiatus

Hi guys, just dropping by to tell everyone how I’m doing so no one thinks I’ve abandoned this awesome series.

I’m still working on those last few pages of Almost-Weekly Mitsudomoe. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Translation: 11/17
Image Cleanup: 17/17
English Text Editing: 0/17

As you can see, I only have 6 more pages to go before I can start on image editing and (hopefully) make that final Almost-Weekly Mitsudomoe release.

However (as you probably noticed), I haven’t been able to make much progress on it for roughly a month due to work-related reasons (as you might have guessed) — and it doesn’t look like things are gonna get better for the next couple of weeks or so, unfortunately. 😦

Rest assured that I fully intend to continue working on this series — however, I won’t be able to jump right back to it due to certain commitments I’ve made, hopefully only for a couple of weeks. This means that after I make the final Almost-Weekly Mitsudomoe release, I’ll probably be away again for quite some time. :/

After that, I’ll try to get back to working on the main series and hopefully get around to writing those translation tutorials so someone else can work on this series in my absence.

My apologies for these long series of hiatuses; I know I promised I won’t talk about work anymore, but I just needed to reassure you guys that I still plan to continue working on this series for as long as I can. 😉

Here’s to (hopefully) more Mitsudomoe! 😀

Floating Sunfish out!


7 thoughts on “Update: Remaining Translation Work and Impending Hiatus

      • DESPERATION says:

        Here is the link

        and you can refer to this article

        But at least we don’t know whether author really wants quitting mitsudomoe or magazine director let her do that(I saw reply that recently their director was changed and at 8/12, other popular cartoons in same book were simultaneously over). So maybe there is ‘mitsudomoe season two’ like ‘浦安鉄筋家族(super radical gag family)’ that comedy cartoon mitsudomoe author likes.

        So sad but I just wait author’s twitter. Just two mouth ago, she said about making mitsudomoe emoticon on twitter…


        • floatingsunfish says:

          Ah, crap… Now I have to backup 325.liblo.jp to my machine since the blog will close in August. Gosh freaking dangit…

          Well, it had to happen SOMEday — at the very least, I’m glad it will end in its prime, instead of degrading in quality before getting cancelled.

          I also hope that Norio-sensei still plans to continue Mitsudomoe in another form, like a sequel of sorts, because I’m certainly not touching “Rororro!” 😛 (Not because I don’t want to, but because I hardly have the time for Mitsudomoe as it is. Hopefully, some other scanlation groups will take a crack at it — I’m kinda curious how it will turn out.)


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