Great News, Everyone! :D

Hi guys, I finally got my laptop back today (hurray!) and you know what THAT means!

That’s right! I can finally get back to translating this awesome series! 😀 Man, it’s good to be back! XD

However, due to some small real life changes, I won’t be able to make releases on an “as-they-come” basis anymore. I’ll basically be only able to do translation work on weekdays, and image editing on weekends — which means releases will probably be mostly around the weekends as well (though with my frequent schedule slips, that’s not really much of a change now, is it? 😛 ).

Also, finishing Volume 8, I will be postponing further translation work and instead be focusing on writing on a short but hopefully in-depth tutorial series whose sole focus will be to train a certain someone (who shall remain nameless for now because it’s a surprise!), as well as anybody who’s interested, on translating Mitsudomoe alongside me over here at SunfishScans. Volume 8 won’t be finished for quite some time though, so I guess it’ll just be you guys and me for a few more months. 😉 We’re not gettin’ any younger after all, and Mitsudomoe’s at what Volume now, 18? It’ll take me forever to catch up!

Anyways, that’s all I had to say for now. Time to get back to work on those chapters! Wish me luck! 😉

Floating Sunfish out!


4 thoughts on “Great News, Everyone! :D

    • raijinzrael says:

      Yeah. Help is required. Unfortunately with the global changes of the last months is becoming dificult maintain hobby time projects for everyone of us :-/.

      Let’s hope it gets better soon.
      Anyways, many thanks for your great effort. Let’s see if i can join in the edit, or even maybe in the translation group in a foreseeable future.

      Liked by 1 person

      • floatingsunfish says:

        Yeah, there comes a time in every hobbyist’s life when real life takes a larger portion of our dedication and time than usual, usually permanently. Jobs, family, friends, you all know how it is. 😛

        We may not be able to do this forever, but at least it’ll be a good run in the meantime — and who knows? Maybe I’ll keep doing this even with those things present. 😉 (Just at an even slower pace than usual. 😛 )


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