Heads-up: Almost-Weekly Mitsudomoe Release Flow for 2016

Hi guys, just wanted to give you all quick rundown of what’s gonna happen these last few days of the year. 😛

I plan to clean up the images for the remaining 4 releases of Almost-Weekly Mitsudomoe in one batch, which means that Release 1 of 4 will be slightly delayed, but Releases 2 to 4 will come out at a much faster rate; since all that would remain will be the translation and image editing.

I’m only gonna be doing this for Almost-Weekly (translation for the main series will still be “as they come” instead of batches) because I want to wrap things up as fast as I can so translation of the main series can hopefully resume first thing in 2017.

My apologies to those looking forward to Mitsudomoe releases this season — cleaning up Almost-Weekly chapters takes considerably more time than the manga chapters due to the images having a lot more “dirt” and unerased pencil sketches on them than usual; I presume Norio-sensei was rushed to finish Almost-Weekly because of how (forgive me for saying this) “unpolished” most of the pages look. :/

Anyway, Happy Holidays, everybody! I’ll try to finish things up quickly on my end so we can all enjoy more Mitsudomoe next year. 😉

Floating Sunfish out!


3 thoughts on “Heads-up: Almost-Weekly Mitsudomoe Release Flow for 2016

  1. raijinkai says:

    Many thanks for the update. While would be to see again releases from the main branch from 2017 start, take it easy and don’t hurry. We fans know is enough difficult translation alone, and you do both translation and edition at same time alone. We will wait for our beloved show translation as long as it takes, so don’t worry for times. Will be good as long as you keep bringing nice and more of it from time to time.

    Many thanks for your hard work, and Merry Xmas 2016.

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  2. OshimaAzusa says:

    It’s perfectly fine if you need to take more time to maintain the same quality for your releases. I’m sure that it will work out fine and be worth it in the end, even if it takes longer.

    Please keep up the good work. No pressure, though.

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