Mitsudomoe Bonus Song #5 Released!

Mitsudomoe Bonus Song #5 has been released! Get it below!

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Wow, this song managed to legitimately creep me out more than Sacchan’s character song, specifically around the 2:43 mark when eerie backwards music started playing.

I can handle the usual type of lyrical dissonance where lots of violent, gory and disturbing imagery is talked about just fine, but it tends to get pretty disturbing when you bring death, ghosts, hell and lost children into the mix.

Allow me to explain:

(NOTE: These are just my own observations and interpretation of the song and is purely subjective.)

Given the title “Paranormaling,” we an safely assume that the character being spoken to in the song is someone who is either playing Kimodameshi (a game that tests one’s courage) or mystery/ghost-hunting — both of which are typically done in a group.

I guess that was just too bad!
No matter how you look at it, it’s really absurd! (Really absurd!)
You just can’t seem to catch a break, can you? (Poor you!)

That’s so like you, even though it’s perfectly fine to give up

Here we can see that something unfortunate has happened to this person, but they still decide to keep going even though backing out is an option (which is typical of stories dealing with ghosts and such).

I’ll give it my all and help you out somehow!

Let’s go enjoy ourselves and have fun!
And tiptoe around, just like happy little kids!

Wanna try getting on?
Where’d everybody go? Are you lost too?
Follow me, I know a place where the water’s sweet!
Wanna try getting off?
I mean I’ll give you suggestions, alright? I’ll be right here by your side!
I’ll try to do my best!
Sssh! Sssh! Keep it a secret, okay?

This time we see that a second, more playful character (the one singing the song) wants to help this person after being separated from his group, but that he should keep their assistance a secret. More about “getting on” and “getting off” later.

It’s too bad, but you can’t be by yourself! (You just can’t!)
Don’t worry, you can count on me! (Leave it to me!)

Your forehead’s sparkling, just like the life you were rationed
I left your offerings completely untouched!

This second character seems to warn the person that it’s very risky to be alone, so they decide to accompany him/her. Why would this character mention that they left the person’s offerings untouched? And why would the person bring offerings to this character in the first place? As you will see below, there’s something more to the one singing the song than first meets the eye (or in this case, ears).

The last one remaining’s happiness!
Its face is something I don’t recognize–! Whoa!

Apparently this second character is someone who no longer knows what happiness is. What reason could they have for being so? The following sets of lyrics explain everything:

It’s perfectly fine to get on!
Always looking at the dead and buried,
Your sixth sense lets you hear all of my whispers!
It’s perfectly fine to get off!
Jump and swing on the spider’s thread that stretches down from heaven!

Why would a sixth sense be needed to hear someone’s whispers? As it turns out, the person being spoken to throughout the song can hear spirits, which explains why they had offerings for the second character in the first place. However, the singing “ghost” seems to have no interest in these and only wants to have fun. They’ve probably been dead for so long they no longer remember what it means to be happy.

Whenever something about passing in the afterlife is mentioned in Japanese mythology, it usually has something to do with the River Sanzu which spirits need to cross (usually via boat), hence the “get on” and “get off” part of the song.

The spider’s thread coming down from heaven is a reference to the short story “The Spider’s Thread” where a criminal in hell is given a chance to go to heaven in honor of his one good deed in life: not crushing a spider he was about to step on while walking in a forest. As he climbs up the thread, he looks down and sees that other trapped spirits were climbing up the thread as well. Fearing the thread might break, he shouts that the spider’s thread is only for him — which makes the thread break due to his selfishness. As such, the criminal ended up trapped in hell forever.

It’s perfectly okay! It’ll probably work out!
Just believe that everything’s gonna be alright! 🙂

Yeah, since the reference material ended on such a happy note, what could possibly go wrong?

If you hear a voice from behind you all of a sudden,
Look and listen well, and make sure that someone’s really there!

And here’s where the song officially got creepy for me. Seriously, are there other, less-friendly spirits hanging around where this lost person is? On second thought, I don’t wanna know.

It’s perfectly fine to get on!
Even though everyone already got scared and ran away,
This wonderful rap noise always cheers me up — just kidding it doesn’t!
It’s perfectly fine to get off!
You see I’m gonna help you stand up from behind!
You have to live in the present, or the future won’t come!
Wanna try getting on?
Where’d everybody go? Are you lost too?
Follow me, I know a place where the water’s sweet!
Wanna try getting off?
Nothing’s scary if we go hand in hand, right?
Now then, let’s get started! Let’s go face tomorrow head-on!
Make a small reach forward!

The ghost here seems to be well-meaning for the most part, but it ends in such an open-ended way that we really have no idea if the lost person ever got back to his friends or not.

And why bother making a small reach forward when you can reach with all your might? Unless, the lost person really did die in the end and turned into a ghost — which in Japanese folklore are known for dangling their hands limply and generally grabbing other people when they least expect it.

Oh man, that’s depressing… No wonder it didn’t have a page on the Wiki.

If this and Randoseling were the only two choices for the ending theme of Season 2, I’m actually glad they went with the former. Man, what the heck, Nomico!?

In other news, we only have one more song to go, you guys! Our subbing journey is almost over! 😀

Alright, time to work on the next one!

Floating Sunfish out!


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