Mitsudomoe Bonus Song #4 Released!

A very nice song about the joy and pain of loving someone — and BOY does it hit close to home.

Anyways, only two more songs to go, you guys! Wish me luck! 😉

Mitsudomoe Bonus Song #4 has been released! Get it below!

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Alright, time to work on the next one!

Floating Sunfish out!


8 thoughts on “Mitsudomoe Bonus Song #4 Released!

  1. Sic says:

    Hey there not long to go now.

    I looked all around Akihabara for Mitsudomoe stuff. it seems it’s about as obscure there as it is everywhere else.

    Had to go to a really big book store to find Bessatsu Shonen Champion. And look through a lot of CDs to find this one (it was on discount at less than half price) Couldn’t find Vol 16 anywhere.

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    • floatingsunfish says:

      Ooh! Very nice find! 🙂

      Though I didn’t expect it to be all that popular in Japan due to its nature and how conservative its people are, I was a bit surprised it’s considered obscure in its home country. That’s a darn shame… 😛


      • Sic says:

        Pretty much seemed to be if it’s not Love Live or Gundam, nothing is too big.

        Seriously never realised how big gundam was there, whole floors of stores dedicated to it.


    • raijinka35 says:

      Toranoana/Melonbooks/Suruga/Rakuten/Comic Zin Store have physical stores where you can find Mitsudomoe stuff, but only the latest releases/tanks. Take in count that books in physical stores fly very fast, so probably you want to go there in release days (them are indicated in AkitaShoten Store website). This is also sometimes the only way to get the goods that come with the release.

      For everything else, even barely older, the only way is get it via webstores, that’s all. Stuff got via web generally will not have any goods, with them being sold separately. mitsudomoe doujin stuff, even being non-h, can only be obtained physically in Comiket days, at Comiket. Old doujin stuff is only available at WebStore, or rarely in a few specialized stores, but these ones only sell to japanese, and you need an ID card to buy there.

      In resume, that’s how it works.


        • raijinka35 says:

          Is a protectionism measure… Because outside Comiket days, the only stores who sell doujins are the specialized ones, and these stores not only sell non-h doujins, but also h-ones and all sort of “questionable” (to occidental viewpoint) stuff. Japanese will no admit foreigners to go to their stores and filter photos and video about what is sell there and being criticized by it.

          This only applies to doujins and old commercial manga releases. In big specialized stores like the ones i named before have sections where everyone can go and buy the latest released book from almost every show, Mitsudomoe included ofc :-)… But in Mitsudomoe case, they only release small quantity compared to big series, and these books fly pretty fast, so if you want to buy the book from a store so you can get the goods coming with it, you really need be in the store at release day. With some volumes, stock gets exhausted as fast as only 3 days after release.

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