Announcement: New Doujin Page Available!

Hi guys, I just added a new page here on the site where I’ll be posting some translated non-H Mitsudomoe Doujins from around the net by various other translators.

You can view the page here.

Starting things off is a very special two-part doujin by DarkMac and derEX, followed by a small collection of short fan-made Mitsudomoe chapters.

I had a lot of fun reading them, and I hope you guys do too as well!

Please support the original translators in any way you can, either by visiting their site and liking & commenting on their posts, or helping spread the word to other Mitsudomoe fans around the net.

Happy reading, everyone! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Announcement: New Doujin Page Available!

  1. Sic says:

    Thanks for adding these. While “The World That Begins in April” was very good at staying true to the art and characterizations. I personally don’t think of the “relationship” of Hitoha & Yabe being quite like that. I think the author had a bit of the Yoshioka Syndrome 😉

    (and do we really want to be referencing that best forgotten early Mitsuba chapter? :O KnJ too much)

    (Also why did Futaba knock Yabe backwards when under the desk?)

    Other than that a very good Doujin.

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    • floatingsunfish says:

      Personally, I like to think of it as nothing more than a childhood crush (that’s as far as my shipping standards will let me, anyway), with things possibly going farther than that if Yabecchi is indeed no longer Hitoha’s teacher and Hitoha’s a lot older than she is in the series.

      Anyways, I instantly thought Futaba knocked Yabecchi away since he accidentally felt her up again as denoted by her pose — though I may have read too much into it. ;P

      If you’re talking about that early chapter where Micchan had a sadistic crush on Yabecchi, it was basically a one-shot anyway and she’ll never think of doing such a thing again as the series stands — which is why I think the Anime decided not to adapt that particular chapter for Season 1.


      • raijinka35 says:

        As someone said in ExH gallery comments: “Is there really anyone who doesn’t ship Yabecchi and Hitoha at least once in life?” ™

        Jokes apart, Mitsudomoe author Norio-sensei made very clear this Feb-14 that she personally still doesn’t forget this hypothetical pair…

        But in the other side, we aren’t talking about an seinen story here, so it will keep in Norio’s mind and will let it to Doujin authors like this one to play with the idea freely as they want. I can’t count with my hand fingers the number of doujins about this pair, in H and non-H flavor like this one.

        As for KnJ… that story is very far from Mitsudomoe at best. Watashiya-sensei worked very hard on it, which is reflexed in a very well made story which has almost all matrices that you will ever imagine for it. She put all her expertise on it, and ensured that it would be a success, thing that actually occurred.

        But is also true that Mitsudomoe goal never was competing with a Seinen manga as KnJ is, since it never was a seinen from the very first. Mitsudomoe goal is just being a funny story that you can read after a work day, laught with it, and put a smile in your face. Mitsudomoe goal is also be a bit different from all the other gag stories involving high school students, an overdrawn market these days.

        Mitsudomoe approach a different public than Mitsudomoe, Both them are very good works directed to different public.

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      • Sic says:

        I don’t even think of it as a crush just someone Hitoha can relate to better than her crazy classmates.

        You know I think you are right about the feeling up, like he thought he was feeling Hitoha’s cheek but… he wasn’t.

        Honestly the original time in the anime is one of the funniest punchlines. Yabe being railroaded into doing an action without thinking by Hitoha’s intentional trickery & Futaba’s naive misunderstanding. Resulting in Hitoha’s guilt, Futaba’s shock and Yabe’s violent punishment(carried out by Futaba).

        Yeah that was just an early chapter while the series was still forming. Scissorman is also a weird Mitsuba chapter, really just introducing her straight bangs, which she was introduced with in the Anime. But they still made an Audio version of it, which I would assume it was meant for the show.

        I really don’t think it was fully formed till Vol 3.

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