Mitsudomoe Season 2 Special Closing Released!

Man, this has gotta be one of my favorite songs from the whole show. Masaaki Endoh really left his mark on this super-awesome series — everything about the episode was well thought-out and perfectly executed. He really made the special feel authentic and memorable to those who recognized his voice.

The whole thing was a Sentai Hero show parody through and through — the actors in the Gachi Ranger costumes were clearly different from the ones we see on the outside (Gachi Pink being the most obvious due to the drastic change in bust size as noted in one of the Yonkoma), some of the rangers wobbling while posing during the intro… Heck, they even used a stunt double for Gachi Pink that one time during the bus scene! The guys at Studio Bridge really did their homework with that episode and it showed.

I really enjoyed translating this song and I hope you guys will enjoy listening to it too! Only 9 more songs to go! Woo-hoo!

Mitsudomoe Season 2 Special Closing has been released! Get it below!

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Alright, time to work on the next one!

Floating Sunfish out!


3 thoughts on “Mitsudomoe Season 2 Special Closing Released!

  1. raijinka35 says:

    A few more facts to add to Sunfish bro list…

    – Main characters cosplaying Gachi-rangers isn’t an anime thing only. You can see this also in the opening of some manga chapters. The scenes of Yuki-Miku and Hitoha-Ryuuta using the Gachi-power also come from certain manga chapters.
    -In this ending Hitoha plays as Gachi-red, but in manga she always play as Villian, Ryuuta is supposed to be Gachi-red, but in animation he was assigned to Gachi-yellow. Yabe is always Gachi-blue, in both Anime and Manga. Yuuki plays in this ending as Gachi-black, while in manga she plays as Gachi-pink (Used in fan community debates as proof she’s has the most “developed” body from all 6-3 class girls, also pointed in some doujins from other authors about the show :-P).
    – Miyashita playing as the infamous mythical “extra” ranger (in this case green) (The ones who saw Power Rangers in their childhood at least once will understand this one).
    -Vehicles used by the characters being the manual non-motorized versions of the real ranger ones.
    -Futaba carring Mitsuba belonging to an scene from the next chapter.

    Nice work like always. Many thanks for translation.

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  2. Sic says:

    (best to picture this as Hitoha saying this, if she didn’t like Gachi Rangers)

    I found this song boring. I’ve never had much of an interest in the rangers series’.

    On another note I’m going Japan.


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