Miyamoto Character Song #1 Released!

Poor Miyahara can’t catch a break…

Okay, a few things I’ve noticed: “Soyo!” might just be her trademark sound effect, much like Futaba’s “Totechite-totechite!” and Hitoha’s “Mufuu~!” If you can read Hiragana, you can see it in Chapter 104, Page 3, Panel No. 5 below:

Miyahara Soyo.png

luffy one piece glass water.png

That being said, Korobeiniki feels like a *really* weird theme choice… Maybe she’s later revealed to be of Russian descent!? …Or maybe an extremely good Tetris player!? Who knows?

Oh, and the reference to Utsunomiya University might’ve gone over a few people’s heads. Much like Azumanga Daioh’s Sakaki, I don’t think we’ll EVER find out her full name. Not that we’ll actually remember. 😛

Miyakita Character Song #1 has been released! Get it below!

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Alright, time to work on the next one!

Floating Sunfish out!


14 thoughts on “Miyamoto Character Song #1 Released!

  1. Fronzel says:

    A friend of mine pointed out that the theme is a musical joke; it has a name (and lyrics!) but most people only now it as “Tetris music”.

    It’s immediately recognizable, like say, the tallest kid in a sixth-grade class, but somehow hardly anyone can actually identify it.

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  2. raijinka35 says:

    “Maybe she’s later revealed to be of Russian descent!?” >>> Hahaha.

    In part you did mention about one of the remaining mysteries in the show, along with “what happened to triplets mom”, “what happened to/where is actually Mr. Sugisaki” (this one has already a few clues in a mitsudomoe webcomic chapter), and “Saki-chan really has a home to go? i always see her camping in cemeteries, or in school limits” (i’m sure she has a home, it appears in the ending of the first season, along with the homes of the other main characters) ones.

    And that’s Miyashita’s parents and last name (?).

    Btw, you forgot to mention Micchan’s trademark sound “Mucha-kora” (Munch-Munch (?)) in your trademark sound’s list :-P.

    Nice work. many thanks for translation.

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    • floatingsunfish says:

      Mitsudomoe has a webcomic chapter? Might I ask if these are available in the Manga Volumes, or if they’re just an online thing? I’m rather curious as this may also warrant a translation in the future. 🙂


    • raijinka35 says:

      With “webcomic” i mean the “Almost Weekly Mitsudomoe” that you know already. And yeah, is supposed that there will be printed versions, but them will not be separate volumes, but them will come with certain volumes as a supplementary booklet. In effect, the first 15 pages were included in the latest volume 16, and that’s why you can’t find them in their web anymore.

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  3. siccoyote says:

    I worry about Saki-chan, did anyone even visit her in hospital except Hitoha? Like her parent(s)?

    isn’t Mr Sugisaki always on a business trip, I mean that house doesn’t pay for itself.

    And of course what happened to the Triplets Mom?

    I have a feeling if we knew the answers to all these they would not be pleasant.

    I’m not sure I like this song that much, she’s too annoying.

    (I think misspelling her name on the Youtube vid is a little too far :P)

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    • raijinka35 says:

      – About Saki-chan… According TDX translation, is said that Hitoha was the only one visiting her the first days of her staying at hospital “as friend”. That means other people also was caring her, but Norio-sensei never specify who. In effect, they never say if she has parents or no… Norio-sensei just don’t mention anything about that, keeping her parents and home as mystery (?)

      After first days, Yuki-chan and cia went to visit her, but after what happened in ch.231, seems that not only they got scared, but also doctors didn’t allowed multiple visits for her anymore, as her injuries got opened again. ch.237 confirms Sakiko being in contact with Yuki all that time, but via phone only.

      – About Mr.Sugisaki… these business trips often are used as excuses to hide something going underground (it shouldn’t be so bad necessarily, but it possibly is still not required for plot), just rememeber CardCaptor Sakura anime myth about Tomoyo’s dad being in an eternal bussines trip forever :-P. I’m not saying that the mystery should be necessary wrong or dramatic, after all this isn’t a Seinen manga like Kodomo no Jikan, but is also true that, besides Mr.Sugisaki thing, Sugisaki family has a lots of mysteries around them, like real age of Miku’s mom, or these rumors about her being an Pin-up girl since a very young age, job which supposedly brought Mr.Sugisaki to her. Ok… the chain of reasoning is bringing us to an underground-esque loli-H plot, which this story isn’t also, so let’s stop here and mark this just as mystery, the whole Sugisaki family.

      Well… at least in this point was confirmed that indeed Mr.Sugisaki really exist, and he seems to have still a relation with his family, as seen in Page 66 (Ch.65) of “Almost weekly Mitsudomoe” webcomic.

      – And then we come to triplet’s mom mystery, the greatest one of the show. This one was made popular after the still untranslated vol.8 Ch.152, where triplets grandmom was revealed (personally not sure if is dad’s mom or mom’s mom). Speculations started, but Norio-sensei still hasn’t said no word about this. Isn’t know if she still lives, if there was a problem who bring to family rupture, if she¡s working outside etc.etc. At least 1 doujin author did a depiction of her when she was recently married with Mr. Marui in an actual draw, but isn’ an official work.

      Said that, i don’t think that the real answers to the remaining mysteries are unpleasant, or bad, or dramatic at all. As i said before, this isn’t a seinen manga like KnJ, where you have an single mom with cancer disease, which dies and left alone her only daughter to her still young nephew care. So you don’t have nothing to worry to this respect… I’m sure when the answers come, them will be something gag and funny, like the whole show.

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      • floatingsunfish says:

        Here’s hoping you’re right! I kinda feel the same way, actually. 😉

        Going for something sad/dramatic for a series like this with a normal limit of 8-pages would be very hard and extremely unpleasant to pull off — not to mention all the feels fans will get from such revelations. I think the answer to these mysteries deserves yet another 16-page special, or maybe even more? 😛

        That being said, I don’t think I’ll be able to bring myself to laugh at this series again if one of these mysteries would be revealed to be highly-traumatic. 😐

        I hope Norio-sensei sheds some humorous light on these subjects as well in the future! 🙂


    • raijinka35 says:

      Would be nice if you could explain how you came to that conclusion… You know, to know more about our favorite show 😛

      About the faving… Unfortunately it requires registration and having a blog at WordPress. I never register to any online service without an absolute reason… I don’t even have Twitter/Facebook/Google account.


      • Sic says:

        Pure speculation on my part, like her dad died when she was young she was told he was a ghost which started her obsession with the afterlife.

        I only know as much as anyone who has only read the translated manga raijinka35 seems to know more than me for sure.


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    • floatingsunfish says:

      No need to fave posts if setting up stuff’s gonna too much trouble — I appreciate faves and comments alike. 😉 Plus they both contribute to ranking the site up on search engine results.

      Though I gotta say, I’m also a bit curious as to how you came to that conclusion. Are there any specific chapters that gave off such clues, or was it a wild guess?

      Either way, I’m a bit concerned about the state of mind of Sacchan’s parents if they let her stay like that. Perhaps they’re even crazier than Class 6-3’s weirdest girl. 😛


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