Yabecchi Character Song #2 Released!

Fun fact: “Cherry Boy” is slang for “male virgin.” ;D

That said, I’d just like to mention that Hiro Shimono is hands-down my favorite voice actor of all time. You gotta appreciate a guy who can be put in any kind of role, be it silly, serious or even menacing, and STILL sound like the same guy.

Whenever I’m watching anime that has his voice, I always imagine it’s just Yabecchi doing voice work behind the scenes. His voice is just that iconic. 😛

Wow, we’re already halfway there! Here’s hoping I get to finish all the songs soon…

Yabecchi Character Song #2 has been released! Get it below!

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Alright, time to work on the next one!

Floating Sunfish out!


One thought on “Yabecchi Character Song #2 Released!

  1. raijinka35 says:

    This song, with Yabe writting a letter to his mother, made me remember an special ova and chapters from Kodomo no Jikan show where the little protagonists went to visit the beach with her teacher to his natal place, with the excuse of doing school “field work” (and some management done by teacher to make this possible too, according the story). In this song Yabe writes a letter to his mom, saying things that you could only tell to your mom, and in that OVA, the little protagonist girl, which is in love with her teacher, knows about her teacher childhood, feelings and illusions from his own mom.

    Not many series and shows give you these little details.
    I was thinking, it would be interesting if someday Hitoha would also meet his teacher mom.

    Very nice song, and great translating work, many thanks. Greetings.

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