Mitsudomoe Vol. 6 Ch. 115.50 Released!

Man, it’s been a good four months! 🙂 With this, Volume 6 finally comes to a close! I’ve also got big news for everyone starting on Volume 7, so please look forward to it!

This chapter should be familiar to those who’ve seen the anime, particularly the finale of Season 2. They really made the most of this short chapter to give the TV series an extremely memorable sendoff. Man, was it sad to watch knowing it was the last we’ll ever see of the triplets onscreen… 😐

Mitsudomoe Vol. 6 Ch. 115.50 has been released! Get it below!

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Alright, that’s enough melancholy for one post! See you guys in Volume 7! 😉

Floating Sunfish out!


4 thoughts on “Mitsudomoe Vol. 6 Ch. 115.50 Released!

  1. gerry says:

    Thank’you very much!!! It’s amazing how much you did in just 4 months!!!!!!
    Aargh, now you fired up my curiosity =D

    Btw, I never watched the anime, is it worth watching?

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    • floatingsunfish says:

      Haha, you’re just gonna have to find out next week! 😛

      Oh, and you never watched the anime!? Man, you are missing out!! I highly recommend it! — It’s what got me curious about the manga in the first place! 🙂

      Oh, and if you enjoyed the manga (and I think you do 😉 ), then I guarantee you that you’ll absolutely LOVE the anime — although it consists mostly of the safer chapters, they improved a lot from the source material, the characters really come to life, most of the voice actors are veterans, not to mention the awesome songs and the animation… It’s just that good! 😉

      I seldom rewatch a series after I already finish them, but I liked it so much I rewatched it over and over again. Feel free to head on to the Anime page to see where you can get the anime if you’re interested. Happy watching! 😀


    • Raijinka35 says:

      Yes, the chapter ends a bit different from the anime, but is understandable, since that was the last chapter of the show, so they had to conclude it in a nice way.

      This is the first chapter of the “Mitsudomoe – Past and Present” minishow. These omake chapters are a nice complement exclusive of the manga volumes release, as the tell you a set of interesting stories that happened to the main characters years before the main story started. This one, being the first of the serie, belongs to Marui triplets. There are already chapters for the Miku-chan gag and the SSS gag. Chiba and Satou share one chapter with Marui sisters, and there’s the last one, for the times of Kaeida high-school days.

      Congratulations for accomplish vol.6 translation. One more stage has been reached. Many thanks to bring us this really good and funny show, and I’ll be waiting for the next project, Vol.7 :-).

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