Mitsudomoe Vol. 6 Ch. 115 Released!

I wanted to release this yesterday, but both and MEGA wouldn’t let me upload for some reason. 😛

Special thanks to LittleWhiteButterflies‘ very own Hyoenmadan for providing me with M.3.3.W Fansubs‘ excellent translation of the Drama CD! You guys rock! XD

Mitsudomoe Vol. 6 Ch. 115  has been released! Get it below!

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Alright, time to work on the next chapter!

Floating Sunfish out!


3 thoughts on “Mitsudomoe Vol. 6 Ch. 115 Released!

  1. Raijinka35 says:

    Oh crap hahaha, the faces that Saki-chan does in this chapter, look totally authentic ah*gao faces xD. Ofc, this isn’t the first time that we see/we will see a Mitsudomoe character doing emmm… funny expressions. We saw them with Micchan and her fight with her home AC (them even were adapted to anime), and we will see the in the future chapters, remember my words ;-).

    Is interesting see how Saki-chan becomes a serious girl when she is drunk. Rubber alcohol is strong crap, an she drank a whole bottle without rejects, for sure she’s Da Girl.

    Isn’t strange that Miya-chan and Yuki-chan were so worried by her, Saki-chan friendship with Miya and Yuki started long way before the start of the serie… but i’ll not spoil this little mini-story, you guys will see it in future chapters.

    Nice chapter. Many thanks for the translation.

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