Now Accepting Mitsudomoe-Themed Banners!

Hi guys! I hope you all like the new site banner! (It’s a bit simple, I know, but it’s better than nothing at the moment 😛 ) Anyway, I’m now accepting Mitsudomoe-themed banners for use on the site! The rules are as follows:

  • Please generally try to keep your banners Safe for Work. If you’re familiar with Imageboard Ratings like the ones on Danbooru and Gelbooru, try to maintain a Safe rating. Banners earning a Questionable rating are also fine as long as they’re still considered Safe for Work, but definitely nothing Explicit!
  • Please state the Name you wish to be credited as in your email. No need to sign your banner images as I’ll be making a Banners page on the site (along with your Name) so everyone can see them!
  • Please keep in mind that the Site Title and Tagline (all have an RGB value of 51 or #333333) will appear in the middle of the banner. Chosen banners that make it difficult to read will be subject to editing. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle, I promise! 😉

You can get the Photoshop banner template here (mirror 1) and here (mirror2). The Site Title and Tagline in the middle are only there for reference so there’s no need to include them in the finished image! 😉

Feel free to send me your awesome banners (recommended to be 1180 x 179 pixelsalong with your desired Credit Name to and I’ll put ’em up on the site! (They’ll all be displayed at random.) I look forward to seeing what you awesome guys come up with! No limits on the number of submissions! 😀 Floating Sunfish out!


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