Bad News, Guys…

  • Just a heads-up, guys — starting today, my working hours will be changed from 8 to 9 hours a day 😐 — so I apologize in advance if some schedule slips ever occur in the future.
  • Also, of the 7 Elective holidays in my country, I only get to choose 2 to be my days-off, so that’s a bit of a bummer 😦
  • Anyway, hopefully this won’t affect releases very much — I’ll still try to maintain a steady upload rate of at least 1 new chapter per week as best as I can. Thanks again to everyone for continuing your support 😉

2 thoughts on “Bad News, Guys…

  1. Raijinka35 says:

    All the contrary! Fan community is glad that you will try to keep translating our favorite show even with this new obstacle. I really don’t have words to say, other than sincerely thank you, for doing such great efforts to keep this running, really.

    Personally i understand perfectly your situation, as i also have one, and i know how is that. As Gerry said, you have absolutely nothing to apologize. Priorities are priorities, and everyone in the world will understand that.

    Again, Many thanks for all what you have been doing for Mitsudomoe, and for all us, the community. Sincerely.


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