[RAW] Untranslated Pages I Need Help With

Hi there, I’m Floating Sunfish! I’m just an ordinary guy who wants to see Mitsudomoe get translated and enjoyed by its fanbase — and I need your help with something!

Thanks for showing interest in helping me translate Mitsudomoe and taking a look at these RAW image files with me. To be honest I don’t really know any Japanese at all! Just a few fragments of the language here and there.

I’m really just translating these all line-by-line by painstakingly recreating each character in Notepad++ and Windows’ Japanese Keyboard feature, and handing over the characters to Google Translate, Jisho.org or KanjiTomo, and going with whichever gives me the most coherent and accurate result.

I’m not saying that translating these pages will be impossible for me to do alone, but if I *am* going to do it alone, then releases will most likely be delayed *a lot*, seeing how difficult it is for an amateur like me to read hand-written Japanese characters, let alone hand-written Kanji.

Which is why I’ve come asking you, the readers, for help!

If you or anyone you know is interested in helping me translate this series, please go ahead and take a look at these files. You can write your translations on Notepad (.txt), Word (.doc) or even Photoshop (.psd) files — just be sure to include the original Japanese text above your English translated text so I know which translated lines go to which parts of the image, or if you’re making it in Photoshop, place your Text layers over the Japanese text (while still keeping the original Japanese text handy) and I’ll know what to do with them! They don’t need to be fancy or fit the speech bubbles or anything — you can leave those typesetting parts to me!

All I need help with are the handwritten Japanese characters and Kanji, as well as any kind of Kanji that doesn’t have Furigana next to it. I can usually read everything within speech bubbles because of the helpful tiny Hiragana/Katakana next to them, so you can ignore most of the dialogue and focus on the handwritten ones instead.

You can send me your finished translations at sunfishscans@gmail.com and they pass my standards, I’ll incorporate it into the next release with due credit! Just be sure to indicate your desired name in your messages.

You can get the RAW files here, sorted by Volume:

For those who want to download RAWS of Vol 1-13 so they can translate future chapters, they can be found here. Only the Uploadable and Bitshare links are still active.

Alright, that’s all from me for now, Floating Sunfish out!

*End Transmission*


4 thoughts on “[RAW] Untranslated Pages I Need Help With

  1. jorgelotr says:

    I suggest you Tagaini Jisho (www.tagaini.net/) since it has an inbuilt kaji lookup engine and gives you their meaning on the spot. You can also use wildcard symbols like * and ? once you’ve managed to find a kanji to look for words: let’s say that you have to look up for 毘沙門天 (which given the context of the series I seriously doubt), you can use the engine to find 毘 and then look for the specific term with 毘* or 毘???, but if you know how to read the two last kanji, as they are easier, you can also look it up by *門天, ??門天 or 毘?門天 and then select te best from the list (for this particular example, the first way returns 3 terms, the second way returns 2, the third 2 and the fourth and fifth just one).

    You can also add a “classic.” before jisho,org’s url (classic.jisho.org) then click on “Radical Lookup”, where you can select radicals (parts of a kanji) and it returns to you every kanji with all of the selected radicals. Once you’ve found the kanji, you can use the same trick as with Tagaini Jisho to look terms up in the “Words” tab.

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  2. yukari17 says:

    Please keep up the amazing work.
    All I can provide is some encouraging words to further bolster your excellent efforts.
    I will cheer for you from the shadows ❤

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  3. Agungbuddha Glacierus Wijoyo says:

    You can use JP Keyboard Function, it’s always there together with the JP Keyboard

    Change you Keyboard Preference Input to Japanese, then Right Click on the “あ” Icon then Click IME PAD…

    there you can write the kanji…

    you can search basic rule of kanji writing in the internet

    and, sorry if my suggestion not useful

    and use MS word instead of NotePad, it can give you the reading in hiragana or katakana.

    once again sorry if my suggestion not useful

    : 3


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